Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chicken Pot Pie: Skool vs. School

I am discovering there are two schools of thought when it comes to pot pie...old school and quick skool.

I get the old school methods. Boiling the chicken. Making the stock. Real butter. Heavy cream or whole milk. Using roux as the sauce foundation. Fresh chopped veggies and a homemade crust.

But the Quick Skool. Yeah, that's right s-k-o-o-l! Who has time to spell correctly? Quick! Hurry-- you've got things to do and people to meet, etc. So these recipes are basically recreations of the store bought version. Overly salty. Devoid of real flavor. Canned veggies. Canned biscuits or crescent rolls. Canned condensed soup. What's the point--just get a Marie Calendar or Stouffer's product and call it "dinner." Hell dust some flour on your cheeks, counter and clothes to give you that homemade feeling?! But don't say you've made homemade pot pie if you use the quick skool method well that's just shameful. It's mediocre at best. Now go stand in the corner and think about your actions!

I chuckle at my own self. While I haven't made it yet. I am leaning toward the old school method. I mean if I am going to spend the time in the kitchen, I want to make it worth my time. I want to create something satisfying, nourishing and delicious. And most important--it must be memorable--in a good way. I want The Boy to pedestal my pot pie as the gold standard for all other pot pies that he will consume. Many of the stories and recipes, I've read raved about how their mothers and grandmothers made the "best" "most amazing" and totally awesome pot pies." It conjured up feeling of home and love and hugs.

It will take years for The Boy to fully appreciate the effort. Hell, he barely eats mean. But he'll hopefully enjoy picking out the veggies and savoring the smooth creamy luscious sauce.

I am combining the pot pie recipes of Martha Stewart, Emeril and The Joy of Cooking.
There are plenty of variations. I plan to explore later. But for the first one, I have to stick with the experts.

More later. Time to take a nap and then go shopping!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

HFCS...a necessity

I opt to keep this substance out of my diet, as much as I can. However, I just had some "organic ketchup."

And I am necessary to make ketchup taste good.

there's not doubt about it. the taste is just off without it.

i tried the whole food brand...and it's just N-A-S-T-Y!

yes, i am being dramatic...but i won't waste my money organic ketchup.

:-( me hate sick

No pot pie! No food holiday! No cake! I spent my super sunday sick and caring for the boy. hubby did bring me some goodies but they were tasteless. My taste buds are dull from medication. i have more mucus than a snot factory. and worse yet, i don't have a sexy deep voice...I sound like a man.

on a positive note, i no longer have a fever. i am not achy. and i am outta bed.
today, is a nice warm day. however, it's awful for my "new" hair.