Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dayum Tasty!

The Chefs mom, Ms. B, made her famous microwave mac 'n cheese. As she told me, she's been "cooking in the microwave since 1976." I believe this maybe some of the best mac 'n cheese I've ever had. I thought--IMPOSSIBLE! You can't make good mac 'n cheese in the microwave. Ms. B told me she does the whole thing (noodles too).

It was perfect. It was only missing the "crusty browning" you get when you cook it in the oven. She won't give up the recipe. Sorry I tried. Oh man, I wish you could have tasted it. Dayum TASTy!

Still Recovering

Agh! Freedom! No more drainage tubes. No more stitches.
Unlike the c-section, surprisingly each day I feel better.
A friend IM'd and asked how I was feeling, I gauged it by
my sneezes. My sinus issues are worse in the fall than the spring.
I am told it's the ragweed. Today it felt like a punch in the stomach
as opposed to 10,000 daggers (or as my friend said
being disemboweled with a rusty knife).
I chuckled (laughing still is a bit painful) when she said
"maybe by next week it'll just feel like a gentle butting from a billy goat."
Thank God for computers and technology. It's kept me sane as I recover.
It gets pretty lonely being bedridden/housebound. Esp. when most
of your friends have day jobs. But there is IM. A great way to look "busy"
while not

In two weeks it back to the classroom and a new consulting gig.
I'll be super busy. My blogging maybe down as I get adjusted.

Keep me in your prayers! Good energy and happy thoughts!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Aagghh, there's nothing like the comfort of your own home and your own bed.
Thank you all for the well wishes, beautiful cards and flowers and most of all THE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's so good to be able to eat again. They were starving me up in the hospital!!!!

The surgery was successful. Tumor is gone! Let the healing continue! PTL!!