Thursday, October 11, 2007

Still Recovering

Agh! Freedom! No more drainage tubes. No more stitches.
Unlike the c-section, surprisingly each day I feel better.
A friend IM'd and asked how I was feeling, I gauged it by
my sneezes. My sinus issues are worse in the fall than the spring.
I am told it's the ragweed. Today it felt like a punch in the stomach
as opposed to 10,000 daggers (or as my friend said
being disemboweled with a rusty knife).
I chuckled (laughing still is a bit painful) when she said
"maybe by next week it'll just feel like a gentle butting from a billy goat."
Thank God for computers and technology. It's kept me sane as I recover.
It gets pretty lonely being bedridden/housebound. Esp. when most
of your friends have day jobs. But there is IM. A great way to look "busy"
while not

In two weeks it back to the classroom and a new consulting gig.
I'll be super busy. My blogging maybe down as I get adjusted.

Keep me in your prayers! Good energy and happy thoughts!

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