Saturday, September 22, 2007

thinking about Christmas

Today, I am thinking about Christmas. I love to give and receive food gifts. I mean presents are nice but it’s just more stuff. I’d much rather have a nice bottle of wine or some exotic chocolate covered something from a far away land.

I haven’t chosen a Christmas wine. But I plan once again to do Champagne for Thanksgiving. I prefer it over wine with friend Turkey.

Ok, writing cut short. It’s time to see “the fish.”
Mommy-on-duty. Over and out…

P.S. Post your holiday wine and food gift ideas in the comment area.

Forced Fasting

In preparation for my surgery, I have to fast. Only clear liquids the days before and nothing the day of the big event. Not even a sip of water...or so they say. Oh and did I neglect to mention the liquid diet for three days after the procedure? While I know it won't kill me it just doesn't feel right not to be able to eat. I actually consider it cruel and unusual punishment.

This means this weekend is a quality food fest for me. For breakfast, I had a fresh baked sweet cheese danish accompanied by a hot cup of fair trade black coffee from Whole Foods. Last night, sipped the best dayum margaritas in Baltimore at Koco's. This Sunday, my chef friend will make lamb chops. I am not sure if he will grill them or pan sauté.

I am not sure what the boy and I will have for lunch today. I thought steak. But he doesn't quite like meat as much as I do.
Maybe sushi or mexican? Oh decisions, decisions.

If you couldn't consume you favorites for awhile, what would be your "last supper?"

Friday, September 21, 2007

Slice & Dice

Just informed. They moved up the surgery date. Going under the knife on Tuesday at 1:30p.m.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Comfort Beverage?

I generally wake up early. It's not that I am a morning person. But for the past two years, I've had a little person who is quite demanding and requires my assistance to eat, drink, and function in the world. In order for me to collect my thoughts, gather my peace of mind, I wake up early. My internal clock has been reset until the little person can make his own breakfast.

I often take baths. I've loved them since my Charles Street days, where my bear claw tub didn't have functional shower head. Baths are soothing, relaxing and they smell good. I know shower folks don't understand, how you take a bath and get ready in the morning but trust me --it's possible.

As my bath water runs, I often prepare my morning coffee. By the time, I had a spot of cream for color and a teaspoon of raw organic sugar it's time. Time to slip into the warm sudsy water with my hot cup of comfort in hand.

Coffee, a comfort beverage. It doesn't beat out hot chocolate or a toddy. It's a pleasure I indulge in often.

What's your comfort beverage?

Friday, September 14, 2007


today, i was on the hunt for inspiration. the boy and i went to the library. we ate pizza and edamme. but instead of culinary inspiration, i receieved my biopsy result.

for a moment, my world was turned upside down, when i was told by my doctor that i have a cancerous tumor in my belly. i guess it can be considered a form of inspiration--i mean you really get clear on what you value in life. funny but true it has little to do with material "stuff." the again, i already had clarity about that.

so a new journey begins.more hospital visits (which i loath). consult with the oncologist on monday. possible surgery next week. recovery. no more bikini's--ok, my bikini days have been long gone but there was alway a possibility. however a large scare across the center of my abs takes away from the sexiness. not to mention the c-section "beauty mark."

the good news. early detection. and it's localized. and i maybe able to keep my hair. i know weird thing to be concerned about but i am. i can't say it enough. if you feel like somethings not right with your body and your physican is dismissive, get a new doctor. thankfully i did and we caught this in the early stages.

disappearing into the middle of a hazelnut chocolate granache torte would be so amazing right now...

i guess all i can ask...pray for me:-)

esp. as the boy is crushing chips on the floor as i type...(sigh)