Saturday, September 22, 2007

Forced Fasting

In preparation for my surgery, I have to fast. Only clear liquids the days before and nothing the day of the big event. Not even a sip of water...or so they say. Oh and did I neglect to mention the liquid diet for three days after the procedure? While I know it won't kill me it just doesn't feel right not to be able to eat. I actually consider it cruel and unusual punishment.

This means this weekend is a quality food fest for me. For breakfast, I had a fresh baked sweet cheese danish accompanied by a hot cup of fair trade black coffee from Whole Foods. Last night, sipped the best dayum margaritas in Baltimore at Koco's. This Sunday, my chef friend will make lamb chops. I am not sure if he will grill them or pan sauté.

I am not sure what the boy and I will have for lunch today. I thought steak. But he doesn't quite like meat as much as I do.
Maybe sushi or mexican? Oh decisions, decisions.

If you couldn't consume you favorites for awhile, what would be your "last supper?"

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