Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Comfort Beverage?

I generally wake up early. It's not that I am a morning person. But for the past two years, I've had a little person who is quite demanding and requires my assistance to eat, drink, and function in the world. In order for me to collect my thoughts, gather my peace of mind, I wake up early. My internal clock has been reset until the little person can make his own breakfast.

I often take baths. I've loved them since my Charles Street days, where my bear claw tub didn't have functional shower head. Baths are soothing, relaxing and they smell good. I know shower folks don't understand, how you take a bath and get ready in the morning but trust me --it's possible.

As my bath water runs, I often prepare my morning coffee. By the time, I had a spot of cream for color and a teaspoon of raw organic sugar it's time. Time to slip into the warm sudsy water with my hot cup of comfort in hand.

Coffee, a comfort beverage. It doesn't beat out hot chocolate or a toddy. It's a pleasure I indulge in often.

What's your comfort beverage?

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