Friday, September 14, 2007


today, i was on the hunt for inspiration. the boy and i went to the library. we ate pizza and edamme. but instead of culinary inspiration, i receieved my biopsy result.

for a moment, my world was turned upside down, when i was told by my doctor that i have a cancerous tumor in my belly. i guess it can be considered a form of inspiration--i mean you really get clear on what you value in life. funny but true it has little to do with material "stuff." the again, i already had clarity about that.

so a new journey begins.more hospital visits (which i loath). consult with the oncologist on monday. possible surgery next week. recovery. no more bikini's--ok, my bikini days have been long gone but there was alway a possibility. however a large scare across the center of my abs takes away from the sexiness. not to mention the c-section "beauty mark."

the good news. early detection. and it's localized. and i maybe able to keep my hair. i know weird thing to be concerned about but i am. i can't say it enough. if you feel like somethings not right with your body and your physican is dismissive, get a new doctor. thankfully i did and we caught this in the early stages.

disappearing into the middle of a hazelnut chocolate granache torte would be so amazing right now...

i guess all i can ask...pray for me:-)

esp. as the boy is crushing chips on the floor as i type...(sigh)

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