Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dayum Tasty!

The Chefs mom, Ms. B, made her famous microwave mac 'n cheese. As she told me, she's been "cooking in the microwave since 1976." I believe this maybe some of the best mac 'n cheese I've ever had. I thought--IMPOSSIBLE! You can't make good mac 'n cheese in the microwave. Ms. B told me she does the whole thing (noodles too).

It was perfect. It was only missing the "crusty browning" you get when you cook it in the oven. She won't give up the recipe. Sorry I tried. Oh man, I wish you could have tasted it. Dayum TASTy!


Catherine said...

love your blog!

aka kyungski

mzno said...

HEY!!!!!!!! omg! i didn't know that was you! you so need to call me. e-mail me your info.