Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cooking Classes

I, finally, checked my hotmail account. I mainly use it for stuff I know will be junk mail.
I had about 200 messages since August. I deleted most of the messages but keep the account for…. “the friend from third grade who has yet to update his/her address book and will send you info on the class reunion Labor Day BBQ.” Ugh, yeah, missed that one--hon!

To my surprise, I received notice that Timmy Deans' ( offering cooking classes. I don't remember signing up to receive this but who knows. If there was something cool to be had I probably did. Instead of being annoyed, I thought, what a good idea.

I had completely written the place off due to the lack luster food and marginal service.
Hubby and I went for my birthday last year. The bar is always ‘a buzz’ with those who want (or need) to be seen. This particular night the restaurant as pretty empty.
My thinking, since it's not so busy, more attention would be paid to the preparation of the food (silly me). Hubby had an overly salty seafood gumbo. I had a very bland pork dish. The wine had a nasty "cork" taste. I've also gone there with girlfriends (of the need to be seen crew) for apps and cocktails...sigh...not much better.

Back to the cooking classes. Should I choose to accept, the classes give Timmy an opportunity to make me a different type of customer. He’s appealing to the foodie in me. He uses all the right words, “sautéed this with truffle that in a splendid creamy whatever.” I’m sold. Even if I go to watch and taste, I’ve spent my money and get a more personal and intimate culinary experience. Also, I get to learn how to make fancy chef dishes on-site then try it at home. Ok, so maybe not make it at home but you get my point.

I plan to take (or observe) some cooking classes in ‘08. I love Indian food. I wish the Ambassador ( offered classes. I just love Chicken Tikka Masala, garlic naan and the very delicious vegetable samosa. And yes, I had it this week for dinner:-) mmm mmm

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Catherine said...

i'm not the friend from third grade am i? i don't know your email address or phone #. you can email me

the kyungster