Tuesday, June 17, 2008

it's coming...

i just love restaurant week! it makes those of us in the "broke & restless" catogory feel like lifestyles of the "rich & famous."

i've already booked pazo and tsunami.
that dayum bicycles won't let me book yet (using opentable.com)! bastards!
i mean how late 90s is that...calling to make a reservation....ugh!

hope to see you out and about eating, drinking and enjoying the finer things in life!

Baltimore Restaurant Week
Enjoy a variety of three-course dinners, in just about any
cuisine that strikes your fancy, for only $30.08. Or try
three-course lunches at select restaurants for just $20.08.
And new this summer, many restaurants will also offer
special culinary experiences, such as wine pairings,
cooking classes, tasting menus and more. Plus, select
Baltimore City garages are offering special $3 parking, and
many hotels have special summer discounts and packages. So
don,t just eat and run. Stay awhile, and see what else is
cooking in Baltimore.
July 26-August 3
3 courses/$30.08/80+ Restaurants/Culinary Events


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