Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Soothing a Cranky Tummy

If you wake up with a " sour stomach" do not (I repeat--do not) eat scrambled eggs with cheese, 3 slices of bacon and a cup of coffee. It's a recipe for disaster! I should've known better. However, while my body " was telling me no" but my mind, my mouth were "telling me yyyyeeeesssss." Things that came outta me today ---were just wrong. A complete day stuck between the bed and the bathroom.

Sometime between General Hospital and Judge Mathis, I began to feel alive. In the meantime, hubby and son were out running errands and his car died. By early evening, it was mum to the rescue. The good part about having to go out was my tummy yummy discovery.

I decided early on, between bouts of nausea, I was not cookin' dinner tonight.

Hubby and son headed to our "fix it guy" to handle his car situation. I went to Belvedere Square in search of a quick and somewhat healthy option for din-din. There were plenty yummy things to choose. But this time I listened to my body and didn't go for the creamy soup goodness at Atwaters. I figured I get hubby the rock 'n roll sushi.

While waiting I noticed a bin with fruit bars, at Steve’s fruit & veggie stand. I can’t remember the real name of it....maybe 'Earth something.' The sad part, I go there at least once a week:-( and still can't remember the name

The brand is called Fruitfull (fruitfull.com). Today's choice was Fuzzy Navel. They are all natural, gluten-free, no preservatives or artificial ingredients. And, bonus, it's loaded chucks of real fruit. After the first bite, my tummy thanked me 10 times over. It was soo good, refreshing and soothing! If the tummy could have handled more, I would have had another. But didn't want to over do it.

No high fructose corn syrup, red # 40 or yellow #10 like the Bryers and Eddy’s (supposedly) All Natural Fruit Bars. You pay a premium price and get garbage! Pisses me off.

My rant is done. What are some remedies you use for an upset tummy?

I picked up a bottle of Reed’s Ginger Beer (the real stuff)
Hubby is making miso soup with plain white rice for me as I type.

Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow.



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