Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What's for Dinner Wednesday?

Howdy Folks! Welcome to my blog about food, wine and livin' life in the big city. Ok, the small city.
My question for today...what's for dinner? It's that necessary evil or joy, depending on your motivation, we must do to eat. I'm always looking for something quick and easy to make. I get tired of the same 'old stuff ya know? Hot-pockets, Baked chicken, steamed veggies, rice, blah, blah, blah.

For my family, I'm thinking pizza. Any suggestions other than dominos, papa john's? I tried Matthew's Pizza voted "The Best" by the Baltimore CityPaper. The editors taste buds must be stoned. That was some nasty pizza. I've had better out of the box. The dough wasn't even cooked all the way. Not to mention the trek downtown, parking and managing my toddler in the process. I also got the feeling people of color must not frequent the joint. Maybe it was the dead silence when I walked through the door, the clanking of forks dropping on plates or the "all eyes on me" as if I was the entertainment for the evening. Chuckle. Chuckle.
But I often find that with the CityPaper and Baltimore magazine "best of" issues. The places they pick know that the reporters and writers are from the media. So they put on their best faces and behaviors. And make sure the food it absolutely perfect.
(sigh) Sucks to be regular...


Post your suggestion. I don't care if it's a bowl of cereal. It's something right? You gotta eat:-)


lagirls said...

Hey Natasha,

I know that you like chicken salad because you've had it at my house before. Since it is warm outside and you are trying to keep your carbs down, I would suggest a chicken salad on a bed of chopped romaine lettuce. Maybe a pita on the side. Hmmm...I am makin gmyself hungry. Do chili dogs one night. This work really well with left over chili and left over grilled hot dogs..what a perfect mate! Top with cheese and you are good to go. Cheese for Nate and Trevor. Are you still not eating cheese these days?

mzno said...

thanks for the idea. and yes to the cheese question...sorta. i've discovered rice and soy cheese. a nice alternative but totally no the same.

Anonymous said...

Hey cuz...luv ya blog! Look forward to future posts!