Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spring Cleaning...sorta

The hubby and I were quite productive this week. We finally, after 4 years, cleaned out our garage. It's amazing the amount of stuff that gets crammed in creepy webbed corners. Just a few weeks ago we purchased window fans. Of course after the "spring clean" we find two in the garage; along with
-a brand new set of dishes
-a life time supply of painting products
-three containers of lawnmower oil (mind you we don't own a lawn mower)
-two push brooms
-4 bags of charcoal (let the grillin' continue)
and the list goes on...

But my favorite find.....the deep freezer.

This is awesome. Of course my anal hubby sealed it up (smart move) but didn't clean it (sucker move).
This evening he gave it a very thorough scrubbing and it's ready to be put to use. My freezer in house is so annoyingly narrow. The engineer behind these double door contraptions, obviously has something against freezer space. It will be fun to take advantage of the 2 for one ice cream sale. I can actually store more than 1 half gallon. On second thought, maybe that's not so good. After a few bags of frozen veggies, a couple blocks of butter, a whole chicken and a pack of ground turkey the space is gone. I can't even fit a pizza box in those cramped quarters. It's awful.

Growing up, my mom always kept our deep freezer (and pantry) well stocked with all sorts of goodies. During the winter months, we rarely had to go to the store. We only needed staples such as eggs, sugar, kool-aid, milk and bread. Kool-aid was essential. Athough, I can't remember the last time I had some.

Mom was good about sending me to the basement with strict orders to "pull from the back and not the front" so the food was rotated. Most of the time I complied. Unless, I wanted flounder stuffed with crabmeat or T-bone steak. For me, the great joy of going to the deep freezer was that I often chose what was for dinner that night. If mom said get a chicken, I'd bring a roast up and say there wasn't one. Unless mom was really committed to making chicken, we would have the roast (i.e. she wasn't going to go to the basement to double check). Score for youth!

Now that I have my own functional chiller, I plan to continue the tradition. Rotate. Rotate. Rotate. Unlike my sister who has two deep freezers packed full of god knows what?!?! If the 2nd Great Depression happens, I will know where to go! Love ya Sis.

When's the last time you checked your freezer? It maybe time to toss those freezer burned peas or....

I am also wondering, what should be my first purchase? I am thinking one of those pizzas from Sam's Club? Any suggestions?

I'll try not to go crazy.

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T.C. said...

your momma and my momma too!!! she still has that freezer in the basement and her Momma (Madea) has TWO deep freezers!!! yes two!!!!

oh the goodies in those things, homemade ice cream, pie crusts...ok ok, I can't go there...

but I so totally relate, they don't make enough room for what we need...

"pull it from the back" CLASSIC!