Friday, July 27, 2007

Organic Greens at Waverly; Peaches Under the Bridge

This weekend, I'm hitting both markets--Waverly and Jones Falls (under the bridge).
In my test kitchen this weekend, I'm doing a repeat performance on the peach cobbler. I promise not to "freak-out" and pick my own peaches! I'm hoping the blueberries are still outstanding. I want to use the peach cobbler recipe and sub the berries.

I'm also sauteeing up some organic greens (from the Waverly Market) with garlic and red peppers.
A recipe I overheard from the Rozz at Finishing Touches Hair Salon (Laurel, MD).

I know, short post. I'll blog more later. Back to the grind.

Yippee. It's friday!

What's your favorite friday happy hour drink?

A Margarita on the salt will work any day of the week for me:-)

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