Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Delayed Pot Pie

While I am still searching online and my cookbook collection, I have yet to find a recipe that tickles my fancy. However, I just realized, this Sunday is SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! My favorite finger food/snacky-pooh holiday. Unlike Christmas and Thanksgiving, Super bowl Sunday is all about grabbing a bit of this or that and watching the game. It’s not fussy. No decorations, no presents, no big meal to prepare, no table setting. Just grab a bunch of stuff for folks to graze on. If you’re lucky enough to be the host(ess), you get to keep all the extra libations. I usually only catch the half-time show. Plus The Boy will be in tow, which means I'll be watching someone, fuzzy and red.

Mr. Edd (lolol-I couldn't resist) is planning a tailgate party complete with “…meatballs, ribs and plenty of brew!” I am sure there will be other stuff, but I stopped listening after "ribs and beer."

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