Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's that time . . .

It's restaurant week in Baltimore. Family, where are we eatting ?

I've peeked at some of the menus...and I gotta tell ya...I'm not impressed.

Seems to be a whole lotta roasted chicken and flank steak. Free range or's still chicken!
Where’s the innovative stuff? Geez! Real snore menus this go ‘round.

I hate to go to restaurant and feel like…”I make this on Wednesday night.”

Bicycles Restaurant (in FedHill) is already booked. If someone has an “in” let me know… I am coming to eat with you.

I hope Tio Pepe decides to go participate this year. I hear the lamb chops are divine.
You know Ms. Charleston’s won’t even give up a dang lunch special. Yes, I am bitter about it. Doesn’t Cindy know I am on a budget?

My co-workers and I are still deciding …anyone tried Xanadu? Folks are leaning toward it.

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