Sunday, January 27, 2008

ISO: Chicken Pot Pie

Last weekend, the family and I went to E&M’s housewarming. I love this type of social occasion! You get treated ‘all VIP’, cocktails, yummy treats and meeting new people. I rediscovered Bailey’s and coffee. The sweet creamy texture mixed with the strong flavor of dark roast. Delicious! Even had a bit of Jameson on the rocks. It wasn’t totally horrible but it won’t replace my KoKo’s Margarita anytime soon.

I was able to meet M’s mum, Mama-Cumberland, and her sister, the Preacher Lady. The boy was entertained by their little peanut, Baby J. There were plenty of TJ (trader joe) treasures to nibble on since M doesn’t do too much ‘kitchen switchin’.

Her mum and I had a delightful discussion about Chicken Pot Pie.

Homemade pot pie like baked whole chicken is one of those illusive and magical things to me. Yes, I just learned how to cook a whole chicken in 2007. Thanks Leslie! I attempted it several times before with disastrous results.

While we had a lot of homemade meals growing up, chicken pot pie was not on the radar. We often had the single serve 3 for $1 variety. I can’t remember the brand. They came in chicken, beef and turkey flavor. The turkey pie tasted rubbery and the pie with beef was tangy. The chicken was just right. Banquet? Swanson? Gosh I can’t remember! Sigh…anyhoo, they were tasty. I just hated that it took 45 minutes to bake in the oven. This was before microwave cooking was popular. You knew you were supposed to wait 5-10 minutes for it to cool. However, you were so greedy to eat it after watching it bake/bubble; you took the tongue burn. I could have just eaten the warm salty soupy-creamy filling and the crust.

Mama Cumberland and M collaborated on a homemade pot pie for our main course. M new to cooking was all about following the Joy of Cooking recipe. Mama Cumberland is old school using “a pinch of this and a pinch of that.”
The collaboration yielded a fair result. I prefer more crust and creamier filling.

Mama Cumberland and I agreed, while you can add leftover or frozen will do, fresh veggies sautéed and seasoned are best. She grows her own veggies. My best attempt at growing my own garden was potted herbs in the window ceil. After about a week they were all dead. Living in the city, I fear if I grow a garden it will become a smorgasbord for the super-sized rats! I wasn’t blessed with the green thumb; plus I hate bugs! This is why I leave the farming to the farmers. Thank God for the farmers market!

Mama Cumberland recommended I use a whole chicken. This way I can use the stock to make soup as well as a pot pie. A two-fer! Gotta love that!
Now I think she want a little too far suggesting I have to make the crust from scratch.
I am sure TJ or whole foods has it.

This week in addition to viewing Martha’s Baking Secrets on Netflix; I am researching pot pie recipes. Next Sunday, main course homemade chicken pot pie and possibly revisit the Red Velvet Cake.

Unlike when I was seeking the perfect sweet potato pie recipe, I won’t test 4-6 different recipes. I swear I had sweet potato pie coming outta my hoo-ha! I think I made 14 plus pies over the holiday season. I’ll have to post that experience soon.

If you have any leads e-mail me at or post it in the comments.

I wonder if Julia Child has a recipe? Loved her! As kids, my sis and I just to watch her show on public television. Yes we were strange kids.

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